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Our Staff

Following please find a complete list of our team – not listed here means NOT beeing a LUXORY offical!
Beware of staff imposterers and report to us if someone should contact you acting as if he / she would
act in our name !

  • Vanity Bonetto    (CEO)
  • Serendipity Mystiere   (General Manager)
  • Dawne Alter   (General Manager)
  • Vivien Blaisdale    (General Manager)
  • Clarisa Loxely    (General Manager)
  • Aramine Anatine    (Estate Manager)
  • Ysbail Resident    (Estate Manager)
  • NicoleOnyx Resident   (Estate Manager)
  • Karmalust Resident   (Estate Manager)
  • AndreaDeLauren Resident   (Estate Manager)
  • Maggie Demonge   (Estate Manager)
  • Suryodaya Resident (Trainee)
  • LuxoryServiceBot Resident   (Service Bot)
  • LuxoryServiceBot2 Resident   (Service Bot)
  • LuxoryServiceBot3 Resident   (Service Bot)
  • LuxoryServiceBot4 Resident   (Service Bot)

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